Friday 24 October 2014

You Don't Say? ; bloggers are journos, future ennui & bloody mary garnished with another bloody mary

Years ago, I used to wonder why people created and maintained blogs. I thought it was just for the sole purpose of keeping some sort of online diary which you were happy to share with people. My naivety in that respect, has thankfully vanished.

I could go into enormous detail as to how useful blogs have become and their inherant power, combined with the risk and bravery taken by the writers, but in the interest of reporatage, I want to share this link, which shows another side to the blogging experience :-

Court Determines that Bloggers Are Journalists, Then Screws Them Over

Interesting stuff. More so when you're not based in the united states, but have a blog published worldwide. I'll have to look into that aspect a little further at some point. And on the subject of further, the next link goes straight into the future :-

Future Ennui

I spent years in I.T. as a working 'systems guy', and ironically spend even more time around I.T. and tech now, as a creative who has to multitask and be multi skilled. So is it the fact that I'm having to be multiskilled and be up to date, which is bringing on the occasional malaise? No, it's something I've occasionally talked about a bit in pubs and bars, during the longer chinwag sessions.

In short, the rate of change is now exponential. In layman's terms, that means innovation is now reaching some sort of crescendo, in terms of growth spurts. The leap in the last 20 years, for example, from walkman to smartphone with mp3 player built in, has been enormous.

But the leaps from smartphone to smartwatch, aren't as great by comparison. As a result, people are perhaps a bit dissatisfied, with the lower 'wow' factor of progression. Like a kid watching a firework display, you expect each successive arial shower of sparks and bangs to be incrementally more spectacular. So when you're not getting a greater wow-factor each time, you start to yawn a bit. Only in our tech-laden world, there's an element of always wanting to be wowed, because that's what we've become used to for a very long time.

I suspect that some of this is also age laden. Im 41, and am naturally wowed a little less by every new update and development in technology than say, someone in their 20's would be, who perhaps doesn't have the 'lived in' experience of seeing a lot of the history of what I've already touched upon above, which is the journey in real time to our current points of interest.

However, I'm still genuinely fascinated by a lot of tech developments across the board, which I wouldn't have necessarily been a decade or even five years ago. For example, I always look forward to see how tech can fill genuine social gaps and needs to encourage people to congregate in the physical world, and help them to help themselves go further in life.

My rationale, which is obviously paradoxical considering I'm writing this on a digital tech platform and it will be read on digital tech devices, is that people need to spend more time together in the real world, away from tech, as to keep on being human and for want of a better phrase, keeping it real. That may seem a bit simplified and naive, but I touched upon this here.  It goes into more depth regards the aforementioned.

On the theme of paradoxical, I'll finish with this absolute gem I came across, completely by accident :-

It Only Took America 80 Years to Turn Bloody Marys Into a Complete Joke

I thought the title was a bit harsh, then saw the picture and thought 'is this some sort of very early april fools joke?' Thankfully it was a joke, by a comedian named Randy Liedtke.

It's been years since I had a bloody mary. Or at least I think it has. The mind can play tricks on you when you try to recall certain alcoholic beverages consumed, ironically whilst already 'well on the way', so to speak.

On that note, Im off to get the car sorted out. One of my tyres looks a bit odd at the front. It could just be too much air sat in the sidewall, somehow. Or it could be something else entirely.

In any event, it won't be a bloody mary stuffed in there, with or without garnishes. That much I do know.

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