Wednesday 8 October 2014

Which Way To, Now? - Unwritten rules at work, Nobody knows what they're doing and Manhattan memory from 2007

We talk a lot. When I mean we, I mean all of us. That includes you, you and you in that red cardigan/ green skirt/ tan brogues ( that's three different people, in case you're wondering), thumbing away at your phone, or using the handsfree kit, just to get my point across.

It wasn't always this way, but whichever way you look at it, that's how it is right now and until there is a shorthand developed for social networking use, people will be thumbing, pointing, pinching and swiping their way throughout a connected day. It's not something we talk about, ironically, but it's something we all do. It's an unwritten, unspoken sort of rulebook.

Just like the unwritten protocol of dating, parenting and more importantly in this instance, work :-

The unwritten rules of work and why you should break them

Some of this is comical, and I'm grateful for that. But the rest of it did make me think about work culture in a bigger context. In effect, there are all sorts of idiologies, invisible diagrams and topologies in the working environment, which vary according to the size and style of the organisation.

I think a lot of this is reactionary behaviour to some inner scenarios about the individual and how they feel about the organisation they're working at, which vary from frustration ( there's a spectrum of sorts, there), all the way to self sabotage, which may sound surprising, but can be the flip side of basic frustration.

For example, someone not happy at their job, may start to look a little sloppy, but may also start to do other little things, akin to the child in class who kicks the chair with his feet, cause he's not happy about something. Unless you have a short attention span, then unattended boredom tends to lead to all sorts of covert and then even oddly overt behaviours. Most of the time, things are at an even keel, but sometimes, issues can be complex and interwoven with all sorts of things.  But more of that, at a later date.

Ultimately at some level, we're all sort of 'winging it', to use a phrase. Maybe even in writing this post, I'm winging it too. After all, I'm not the font of human knowledge and If I were, I'd be very bored and also very boring :-

Nobody Knows What The Hell They Are Doing

From the start, this made me laugh out loud. A literal LOL, so to speak. I could go into this at length, but I'd rather not. Not because it's embarrassing to do so, but more because I think that if you click on the link and read it, you'll find something in there that will hit you somewhere in your psyche. I really enjoyed this, because it's gone out of the comfort zone, and into the area of where you can get inspired and have a 'wait a minute...' moment, if so required.

And finally, to break the flow a little, here's a picture from my own personal archive. It's from a road sign in manhattan, from when I was there in 2007 on a week long break :-

Of all the pictures I have stored away from various trips all over the place ( including many more trips to New York and other parts of america), I have fond memories of this.

What you can't see, is that it was raining at the time and that the camera's auto-sensing technology, threw a curveball on itself. As a result, the main sign is enhanced and highlighted.  

But beyond dipping into my artistic merits in using a digital camera from  several years ago,  there is a metaphorical reason why I've put this up, and it relates to the title of this post. 

I wonder how many people get the message.

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