Tuesday 21 October 2014

I .. Take.. Pictures ; gonna ride my camel, bra cam with a surprise twist & quirky peculiar camera.

In my office desk, in the top left hand drawer, I still have a working, excellent condition Sony Cybershot camera ( a DSC-T100, with 8.1 megapixel pic definition, to be more precise) , complete with it's cables and a soft case. I even bought a mini tripod for it, soon after as well. I've had it for just over seven years. Here's a picture of it :-

I took this picture from my Samsung phone, which ironically has a faster processing speed and a greater resolution. It's also an easier device to carry around and use, because it's integrated into a smartphone. But of course, my phone was made several years later, so innovation and tech development was and is to be expected to increase the functionality and format of the camera within it. 

Goggle have adapted to the innovations in camera tech, in order to bring us their mapping application, replete with satellite photos of the terrain, and in the last few years, the good old 'street level view', which we've now become accustomed to. But what about when their 'car-cam' cannot go across the terrain with the same ease it could go elsewhere? How about a drone-cam?

No, it's time to think again :-

Google hires camel for desert Street View

What a nifty way of photographing the terrain in a desert. Of course, it could be argued that it's a bit counter-productive; after all, how many really notable relics or structures are there basking in amongst the sand dunes? But it's a comfort to know that it's still being covered. It's also made me realise that, according to the article, google have been doing this since 2007, which funnily enough is the same year I bought my cybershot. 

And on the theme of capturing moments, here's a very nifty method that Nestle' ended up implementing in an ad campaign. All is not what it first seems, let's put it that way :- 

Nestlé's 'Bra Cam' Catches People Stealing Glances, but There's a Fun Twist Ending

What a great way to get the message across. 

Speaking of quirky and peculiar, HTC, the makers of smartphones, have decided to branch out into..

How HTC plans to sell the quirky, peculiar Re camera

..a very odd looking camera indeed.

I'm not convinced that this will sell like their phone range, and as the article itself states, Jeff Gattis, the head of marketing for the emerging devices business in the company, says they have a lot of work to do to get the product into the market.

In short it's $200, so it's not an impulse buy. Also, there's no way to see the quality of the results or pre-fix the focal range using the camera itself as there's no viewfinder, so you'll have to pair it with a phone for real-time viewing. It also looks like a cross between an inhaler and a periscope. But it can shoot video too and is also waterproof. Let's see what innovative marketing and advertising HTC come up with to shift such a peculiar looking, standalone combi-cam device. 

Now normally I'd wrap it up about here, with a denouement, but in a strange, cosmic sort of synchronistic twist, I came across this link, only hours earlier today, just as I was about to finish writing this :-

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III Pocketful of Miracles

I (hopefully) intend on acquanting myself with this beauty, before the end of the year.

Isn't it remarkable how technology just marches on? Before you know it, the device you bought and used only last year, becomes rapidly out of date?

Time out.

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