Monday 13 October 2014

Over The Top - Hyperbole On Social Media

Firstly, this :-

If you're still there and wondering 'what the..' ( or not as the case may be), allow me to explain.

In essence, this was a public information film ( or PIF), and most developed countries still make them via a government funded department. They're produced in order to make the population acutely aware of sociological dangers that are of far greater importance and relevance at the time, than anything else. It's rather like having a stern yet media enriched mini-lecture, between episodes of your favourite show.

This particular short film was made at the peak of the 1970's U.K. COI  activity, and was part of a series on road safety messages. Apart from a few continuity issues here and there, and some trully magnificent (cough) early 70's styling on all the incumbents, it hits the message home with an ominous, authoritative voiceover and a generous helping of hyperbole.

Which is exactly what the next link is all about :-

This awesome dissection of internet hyperbole will make you cry and change your life

Charlie Brooker is brilliant. I daren't use any other adjective, for risk of falling into the same trap as what he's described in the article.

Actually..why not? I mean we all do it, wether knowingly or unknowingly. So to recap then, this is a trully magnificent piece of writing, and really hits all the high notes, as far as I can see, hear and smell.

More seriously though ( but without the gravelly,  perfectly clipped and shaped, RADA infused voiceover in the aofrementioned PIF) ), hyperbole has become a part and parcel of regular social media useage. I'm guilty of it, and can only hope I'm not as guilty as the next human being, because that would make me feel a lot better for occasionally succumbing to it.

And effectively, there's only so much 'super-hyper-talk' you can give or take online. Which explains why I'm using social media less than I used to. Or at least I hope I am.

Maybe I'm just switching allegiances away from one platform to another, because it allows me to talk endlessly about things like this, and be noticed for my wisdom, wit and brilliance.

Or an attempt at the aforementioned.

And now it's time for a late breakfast.


There's a wonderful, exciting, superbly rich, tantalising and mouthwateringly aromatic cornucopia of eggs and bacon, with beans, being cooked in a spectacularly impromptu fashion. And there's a glistening portion of mushrooms to accompany it, on the side. Sheer perfection on a plate.

But hold the fried bread.. I'm on a diet.

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