Sunday 12 October 2014

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 'Something is rotten in the state of Denmark' is the first thing that sprung to mind, when I found about about this :-

The 'Snappening': Explicit Snapchat images leaked via third party, reports say

 I always tend to have what can best be described as a 'knee jerk glee' reaction when I find out about this sort of thing, which is a sort of big relief that I'm not a part of any of this. But then I wouldn't want or need to put up the sort of pictures they're alluding to in the article. That in itself is a cause for concern, but I'm not here to lecture or hector people about the 'youth of today' as I'm confident that their parents and guardians will take the appropriate measures to redress any balances and checks in that regard.

In effect, this is just another 'shot across the bows' regards internet based social networking, and the resultant issues surrounding privacy. We've already had celebrity photo's leaked out, and I have a sneaky feeling that facebook may be next. Clearly there is a bigger message behind all this,  but the simplest message is best illustrated in the following article :-

We Want Privacy, but Can’t Stop Sharing

This really hits the nail on the head, and I've touched upon this myself in different ways over the last few months, here, and here . Our wanton need to reach out and connect, also dovetails with Andy Warhol's oft quoted  prediction that we'll all get our 15 minutes of fame. But conversely, we're all starting to have our fill of overexposure..or are we?

I don't think generation Y (also known as THE MILLENIALS) , who were born from 1977 onwards according to one brief I read somewhere, or 1980, which is more the de rigeur definition as per a search engine research of the aforementioned term, are too encumbered with the loss of privacy per se. They seem to be more open and receptive to 'share and share alike', which was what Tim Berners Lee had in mind as the original remit of what the internet was supposed to be all about.

In any event, the aforementioned scenario seems to be taking other twists and turns, and I don't think we'll be seeing/hearing the last of any of this sort of discourse, from here on in. I cannot help but try to fathom what exactly has triggered this sudden volte face regards social networking in a number of quarters, other than maybe it hasn't been so sudden and the potential boredom, ennui and just lack of it leading to a more fullfilling connection in the physical world, such as genuine friendships and relationships, has now started to become more apparent. The analogy being that a video or a pictures of food, fire, clothes and so on, for example, cannot replace our real need for these tangibles either.

Going from tangibles, to comedic cartoon interludes does'nt seem so obvious at first, but the next item brought a wave of nostalgia with it. Being a child of the 1970's , I was all too familiar with this name, as a young boy, who loved his cartoons :-

4 Things You Didn't Know About Chuck Jones, Brilliant Creator Of Road Runner And Wile E. Coyote

The link itself , should tell you all you need to know. However, I didn't finish with this as a 'soft news item' , but moreso to correlate it to the weirdness that is currently happening with regards privacy, which is almost turning into a cartoon caper in itself, with all these random hackings and leaks, all  coming at us like sudden anvils, falling out of the sky onto an already infotainment overloaded, and now increasingly beleagured, Wile E Coyote.

And whilst I should be more concerned  about all this (perhaps at some level I am a bit perturbed by all this stuff coming out), I think that as it's becoming more apparent as to the 'side effects' and other issues surrounding the lasseiz-faire use of social media technologies, it will open up a more honest platform of debate for the consumer to decide what they want from their 'net based interactivity experience.

And on that note, I've just recieved a text from a friend I haven't spoken to in nearly two months. Not cause we fell out, but more because we became too busy. Ironic really, as we both could have just called each other. But this is becoming the norm, where the warmth of even a voice at the other end, is being replaced by an SMS or email.  It's convenient, but it's just not the same for me, even today.

It's time for me to make some calls, and as usual, I'm starving. A catch up drink or even a meal, is in order.

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