Thursday, 9 October 2014

Happy Birthday, John Lennon; you shine on in the work you left for the world to enjoy and think about.

I'm not starstruck per se, and there's valid reasons for that. To idolise people can be a bit unhealthy in my opinion, but respect and genuine adoration of their talent and humanity are a more healthier proposition. That in itself encompasses a lot of individuals and teams, both living and dead.

And there are a few people I wish I had met, if only to just get a bit of an essence what they were really all about / made of. John lennon was one of them. If he was alive, he would have been 74 today.

Happy birthday to the 'essence/soul/spirit' of John Lennon. He still shines on via his legacy, both with and without his work with The Beatles. A genius, in my opinion, and like most geniuses he was often misunderstood. He wore a lot of his emotions on his sleeve too, which was a very brave thing to do for a public figure. But that made him more human, and more real, for want of a better phrase, and that's what truly matters. :-

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