Tuesday 7 October 2014

Changeling, See Me Change ; Light bulb automation, Ello & John Malkovich's photographic reproductions

When was the last time you changed a lightbulb? Ok, when was the last time you changed a lightbulb and you were happy to do so?

An odd question to ask, but I've asked it cause I don't think changing lightbulbs is something anyone is ever really prepared for. I don't know anyone who keeps an ample supply of the things in a cupboard or drawer, and just whips them out for replacement when that 'flicking a switch into a swathe of silence' moment happens, when the bulb just doesn't 'go on', so to speak. It can be followed by 'oh (bleep)' or a similar utterance, as well.

This next story may well alleviate some of that, by virtue of the innovation spearing many problems all at once:-

Stack's smart light bulb responds to the world around you

Putting aside the current price point, which is a tad heavy in my opinion, I think this is fantastic. Ultimately, it means savings across the board on so many levels. Your wallet, the environment, the replacement costs, the efficiency..you name it.

My prelude example refers more to the bog standard sort of energy efficient bulb, which although last longer than 60 to 90 days, aren't as cheap as the older bulbs which just blasted out their full on tungsten based swathes of luminescence across the board, without any nod to efficiency at a wallet level. Cost can be a big deciding factor when buying essentials, so once the price point has softened, then this and whatever offshoot or development this leads into, should hopefully become a 'must buy'.

Speaking of something new, and even completely different in a way :-

Ello, Ello? New ‘No Ads’ Social Network Ello Is Blowing Up Right Now

Until I read this, I didn't know what Ello was. I haven't joined yet, because It's enough for me to keep engaged on this blog, linked in and twitter profile, with the occasional dip into my facebook account, as per my article from an entry last month, which is here, as well as get on with the rhythm of life.

It looks interesting, and I do hope it does well. I can see the plusses as described ( no ads) and the minuses ( buy in features when the masses are used to an 'all in' for zero outlay), but hope that something that challenges the conventional way of doing things, can work out. I may not necessarily be the target audience for Ello at the moment, but I'm all for moving forward and calculated risk taking.

Someone has to and must be  up for innovation, which always involves an element of taking a chance, otherwise stagnation and even retrograding, becomes the norm. I talked about some of this in another post, and whilst things are a bit up in the air in some areas, such as internet security, data protection , the rights of the individual and the useage of their data and so on, I can say with confidence that there will always be something to connect us together with, via the internet, and if that experience can be less glut laden and sluggish and stay that way, it's a great thing to have.

I know it's all a bit of a paradox, as there's always a part of me that doesn't like spending too much time on social networking sites, because I'm aware of how time can just slip away on there without recourse to anything productive or spectacular, but then I'm also aware of how it can be such a smorgasboard of ideas and concepts, far beyond what you'd pick up from your regular or even ad hoc social circle in the physical world.

Speaking of ad-hoc and paradoxical :-

John Malkovich’s Hilarious Recreations Of Famous Photos Is Pure MALKOVICH

This is pure gold. I think John Malkovich is brilliant. More so, since I had the opportunity to spend some time on the same location shooting with him, as an extra in a scene, over a decade ago; this is absolutely true.

Back in the summer of 2003, the first Johnny English film was being shot and readied for future release. It just so happened that I was walking around St Albans with my sister and her husband around that time, and I spotted an 'auditions for extras' sign, which didn't say what film it was for. I just ran in, as there was no queue, and they took some shots and said we'll be in touch. They rang me a few days later, and a month or so down the line, I ended up in the church scene at the end, where Johnny has to expose Malkovich's character and  this leads onto the finale. 

It was a great week, I got paid, I got fed, met some wonderful people, and still have a piece of decorative metal I was supposed to wear all the way through it, on a purple ribbon. I grabbed a few autographs along the way, but not John's. Not because he wasn't approachable, but more because I just didn't feel right in wanting to disturb him. Not in a star struck way, cause I'm not shellshocked like that by other people, but more out of 'he looks really deep in concentration...let him be' level of respect.

And on that note, Im off to grab some food. And make a few calls. But I don't eat whilst making the calls. Well, I try not to.

Scrap that, I think i'll go out for a meal. And switch the phone off.

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