Tuesday 14 July 2015

My Name Is NOT Mary-Ann ; A Creative Space That Bans Technology, 11 Signs You Need A Mental Nap & From A Bedroom to 20 Stores ( and counting)

Assuming you carry a smartphone ( it's okay if you don't), do you always have it at hand? If not, then perhaps you know what this feels like :- 

A Creative Space That Bans Technology To Let You Really Think

Fascinating. On the surface it appears to be comically obvious. But the reality is that a lot of us have some sort of link to technology, readily at hand on our person, which we think ( or feel..or both) we cannot live without. I don't take my phone into the shower or bathroom with me and don't stare at it every five or ten minutes either. That's a start, right?

On a more serious note, I think that going without technology for some part of your day is good for your mental wellbeing. Taking a nap, helps too :-

11 simple but profound signs you need a mental nap.

The last few, although serious, made me giggle. In all earnestness, if you're smashing yourself into the ground on an energy level for your work, and it feels like this for a long period of time, then something somewhere needs to be recitfied or stopped. More importantly, the knackered state and sensation you'll feel as a result, will make it incredibly difficult to then get anything done, on any level, in every area of your life. Getting to a bedroom and staying there for as long as possible, will then seem like heaven. Not a good way to rebalance things when it all gets out of hand. Continual, gradual (re)assesment and correction should help matters along the way, enormously.

Strangely enough, it was in a bedroom, that Kendra Scott started her business :-

From an Extra Bedroom to 20 Stores and Counting: How Kendra Scott Created a Multimillion-Dollar Jewelry Empire

Kudos to Kendra, and her will, determination and tenacity to make it work. She literally made her own luck and didn't let her circumstances impede on her business idea and it's execution. Furthermore, she's giving back by letting other mothers work for her,  by opening up a larger corporate headquarter space with provisions and facilities to enable them to make the transition more smoothly. The fact that it's in her hometown ( Austin, Texas), puts the icing on her cake.

Speaking of which, I think a slice of madeira should put a stop-gap into my day, just about now. With yorkshire gold, and a splash of milk. Perfect.

What's your perfect moment during the day? Do you have one? Maybe you have one, but don't acknowledge it as it's something that's become a ritual. In a strange way, so has mine, but I occasionally stop to remind myself and feel gratitude for it. It reminds me that life isn't an endless sea of hours and days that just knit themselves into a tapestry of another year.

It also reminds me not to take too much for granted. Wether it's the first time you've visited my blog, or the second or even the last, thank you for coming here and stopping by. Maybe we'll meet one day, and I can thank you in person..

.. in which case, I'll let you buy the tea and I'll buy the cake! ;-)

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