Tuesday 21 July 2015

Take The Floor; Add A Wild Card, The million dollar pipe organ & The grocery of the future.

Getting new ideas and concepts across to others, can require levels of patience and tenacity that you never knew you possessed. There are countless stories of accidental proposals turning into winners, and the flipside concept ideas which the individual never intended to push at all, becoming the winning concepts.

Expecting the unexpected and even trying something different, can sometimes pay handsome dividends :-

Want to Sell an Idea? Add a Wild Card

Some of the key inventions of the last century were discovered in a similar manner. The Slinky and The microwave oven were a case of something not quite going according to plan.

I've always loved the concept of  'the happy accident' because it proves that there is room in nature for things not being part of any ordered system we try to create. Looking at us as a species, it is remarkable to see how different we each are, not only on a gender basis, but also right down to minutae that are the result of billions, if not trillions of different combinations and permutations of genetic mutation.

Im not a biologist so the grander and more complex theories about how we are made and have evolved would require me to get more books on the subject. Then I'd disappear ( ideally to a wonderful, well stocked wood cabin in idaho, for instance) for a while to soak it all up. Of course, I'd split my time between soaking up all the local life and scenery too, as all work and no play makes for a dry existence.

Joyless isn't a word you'd use to describe the owner of this particular property :-

video tour of $129K house that has million-dollar pipe organ!

Magnificent. A part of me is very tempted to put a down payment on this, just to keep the organ intact. It sounds so rich, powerful and sweet, that the eccentricity of the house which has two bedrooms just to house all the pipes, is equally as fascinating. hopefully the new owner(s) will ensure the organ is preserved and maintained, as it's such a one-off instrument in this day and age. Maybe the smithsonian could work something out for their archives.

Going from an amazing historic item and structure of interest, to the unseen and unchartered course of the future can be a haphapzard experience. Especially when the future predicted is 50 years from now and it wants to somehow blend into today :-

This Futuristic Grocery Store Is Selling Products You Might Buy 50 Years From Now

Credit must go to Mike Lee for doing this, as it's one of the most ambitious future based plans I've ever seen. As he's already been in the industry for a number of years, it's not as far fetched as it seems.

Future prediction can generally be a minefield, as all sorts of predictions from the last century have proven. But nowadays we're better equiped to make more accurate systemic assessments due to the vast increase in computational power. This in itself allows simulations and forecasting to be far more accurate based upon current trending data.

Taking chances with a view to tomorrow is something we do on a daily basis. The only thing that really matters, is that whatever we sow as the seeds of today, we then go on to cultivate and nurture with care.

Our capacity to innovate isn't in doubt, as hundreds of years worth of progress has proven. It's our capacity to be considerate beyond our own lifespans, that needs to be kept in check. Otherwise the only legacy we'll leave is a large amount of progress at the cost of socioeconomic wastefulness.

There's still time to slow down and remedy that, and if the scribes are to be believed then changes are being made . And that's important so we can have a win-win situation; for the environment and for ourselves.

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