Wednesday 22 July 2015

I've Got A Heart Full Of Soul; The ideal length of all online activity, When you should and shouldn't work for free & Four places to find ideas

I spend more time in the morning on social media, than I do in the afternoon. The reasons for that are simple; I'm mentally more alert then, and the distractionary internet 'twitch switch', as it were, hasn't been activated yet.

By mid-afternoon I'm sometimes ready to call it a day , but finishing what has been started, plus chasing up and readjusting are left for then. And going for too long ( i.e. past 7pm) just leaves me too frazzled to relax for the rest of the evening. So it pays to take breaks and keep productivity in phases of a few hours.

The length of an online interaction, particularly with regards to social media, can have similar rules applied to it :-

Infographic: The Ideal Length of Everything Online, From Tweets to YouTube Videos

Ultimately, whatever you do online is in effect a time/money scenario. In other words, it's your time and someone else's money which is being spent or your own time and money that has been ( and still) is being spent in creating the content. Wether it's in the name of entertainment, fun and/or work ( because work can be fun..discuss), it pays ( pun intended), to know what's going on and why :-

Flowchart: When You Should (and When You Shouldn't) Work for Free

Clicking on the link within the article will take you to a fuller version of the flowchart. Eye opening, informative and enjoyable. Three in one. Just like this post ( hopefully).

And speaking of finding ideas, you need to find the time, space and place to let them in :-

4 Places to Find Big Ideas

Indeed. I wish I had a dog to walk. Having said that, I've seen some of the dogs in the neighbourhood and I somehow get the impression I'd spend more time waiting around them, rather than walking. It gives you the opportunity to talk to other dog owners, connect with them, exchange ideas, numbers and so on. All the while, your dogs are trying to figure out wether they want to connect, too.

Time out.

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