Tuesday 21 July 2015

There's Always More Than One Way To Do It ;The best time to drink your coffee, 10 Weeks of procrastination & The only interview question that matters.

Tea is my preferred beverage of choice as a 'get me started in the morning' drink. It's either yorkshire gold, or earl grey. Sometimes it's lady grey, depending on what mood I'm in when I hit the supermarket to pick up refills. Coffee comes later on, in accordance with how much of a pick-up I need at the time. Any more than two cups of java in a day, and I tend to feel a bit jittery and slightly edgy. So one cup can hit the spot and keep it sustained for hours on end.

But is there a best time in the day to get your caffeine fix? :-

This Is The Best Time To Drink Your Coffee, According To Science

Interesting stuff. The mid-morning coffee seems to be the one for me, unless I'm in need of a boost before going to the gym, later on in the day. I was aware of the effects of cortisol, and that explains a lot of other things too. I tend to avoid any heavy sugar consumption later on in the day as a rule, and it's rapidly becoming de rigeur to decrease our consumption of processed sugars per se.

Fruit tends to carry some sugars ( fructose is the main one), but these are broken down faster. Processed sugars tend to be of the 'empty calories' variety, and they provide you with a lifting effect which is temporary. In any event, I do wonder what It'd be like to not have any caffeine, and may well attempt that at some point, over the course of a week.

Coffee and tea breaks, with or without snacks, are part of the working day. They're an essential part of the 'downtime' we allocate ourselves , as a reward or a break from detailed work. However, they can also be part of a procrastination process :-

Procrastination For Creative Writers.

Hilarious and true, which makes it an essential double-whammy in my opinion. There's nothing overly wrong with a smidgeon of procrastination.  After all, we're human and not on perpetual motion, like a well programmed android.

But the reasons listed within, are an easy 'black hole in space and time' to fall into. Before you know it, it's 4pm and you've justified half a day ( and more) of web browsing/ internet surfing, as research and development. The reality of course, is that after 25 to 30 minutes, you're window shopping and/or flicking back and forth between youtube and some social media networking site(s).

If you're working for yourself, then that's a day gone in a form of pseudo-absentia, which you may or may not recover down the line. But if you're working for someone else, you've brought yourself one step closer to getting a P45 ( that's the form you're given when you leave or are fired from a job in the UK).

And if you are on the verge of losing your job or are in between different work situations, spare a thought for the boss who has to make a decision on wether to hire or reject the next person who comes in for interview :-

The Only Interview Question That Matters

That's certainly a very in-depth question. More importantly, the question itself is one that has the potential to go deep within the person's character, if approached from both sides with passion.

There's always an alternative way to solve a problem. Even when we think that there isn't a solution, an answer can present itself in the most unexpected of ways. That's where a different sort of procrastination comes into play. It's akin to keeping still and keeping schtum at the same time. I've noticed it happen on a number of occasions, and it's literally like 'what happened there?' and 'why didn't I see that before?' .

Sometimes you have to just wait things out. Other times, you have to keep on digging, and get through a few false edges and corners along the way. In any case, unless you come up with nothing after digging the entire trench or area, then keep on going at a steady pace. Luck, wether of the lord or lady variety, will be there to help you deliver the goods. And you won't need an extra cup of coffee to get there either.

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