Wednesday 22 July 2015

Running Through My Head, Secretly ; Ice Bubble Magic, Next generation Virtual Reality & More classic arcade games than you can play in a weekend

I'm a big fan of great presentation. From terrific packaging, which includes intricate boxes which are surprisingly easy to open, to the slightly hidden details on things, such as inscriptions on the soles of shoes and coloured stripe trims on the inside of a jacket, which the wearer will see more often than anyone else. It shows that someone cares enough to not only validate and enhance the product that they're trying to sell and market, but also add a little extra personalisation, beyond de-facto branding.

Sometimes this isn't immediately appreciated, but if it's within the bounds of the price rang and point, then it can be a standout which clinches the deal.  In essence, it's all part of the feelgood factor. This can be a fine line to tread, and as long as it's not just trying to 'garnish up' a poor product, with what I've previously referred to as 'gizmo-ing', then let it all play onwards and upwards into the product lifecycle.

And it's bearing this in mind that the next item came into view :-

Take A Wintry Holiday From Reality With Sony's "Ice Bubbles" Ad

A lot of work went into this ad campaign by sony for the Bravia 4K T.V. range, and it clearly shows. Sony have gone for an approach that reflects the power of their brand and the product, which clearly is a stunning looking piece of audio-visual engineering.

In a way, they've gone in the opposite direction to what I thought they might have, which could have been loud, brash road racing bits intertwinned with action film sonics and f/x. But the delicacy of the visuals and the music are just beautiful to watch.

Speaking of beautiful..

"So Badass You Can't Believe It" Magic Leap Raises $542 Million To Launch The Future Of Computing

At first glance and to be honest, even after reading it through twice, I'm still not exactly sure what this is. However, I will hazard an educated guess that it is something beyond our current paradigm of virtual reality and 3D based technologies used to render visuals. If this is the case, and it looks very much like it is, then the need for headsets, and glasses may be done away with entirely. Almost like a nintendo 3DS effect, but writ larger, which sounds fantastic.

And finally, from the future to the past :-

Internet Archive now lets you play 900 classic arcade games

If you're over a certain age ( let's say 30, to be polite and fair on everyone, including myself), then this will mean something to you. It may even mean a lot. It does to me. I've still got a working commodore 64 and a working Amiga A600 in storage. But I haven't got the time and the werewithal to dig them out, set them up and get them going. This could well be all you need.

And all I need right now, is a little time. Just to go over the words, sentances and rhetorical musings I've written up here. Just a tweak there, a highlight and removal of a few words here.

After all, the way you convey information, matters a great deal. Content may well be king, but presentation is the crown.

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