Wednesday 29 April 2015

Learn & Share As You Go; You Are Capable Of Eventual Mastery

Two questions :-

1) Do you know it all?


2) Do you share any of what you do know?

For those of you who think I'm close to losing the plot due to the aforementioned questions, I'm being sarcastic with regards to the first one. However, irrespective of wether you actually do indeed feel you know it all ( I salute you, if you do), it's likely you are sharing some of it at any given moment. That's unavoidable.

Even if you're not contributing to a discussion, by your very presence as a listener you are contributing via your presence. You're listening, observing and absorbing ( to some degree), what's going on around you. So in effect, you're also learning something, even though you may not be consciously doing so.

That's how a lot of behaviours, tastes, styles and paradigms are formed. It's also how they're changed. Subtle, smaller shifts and seemingly random morcels of information, can create rapid movements sociologically. This knocks onto fashion, technology, business, politics, music, and ultimately spearheads innovatory concepts that create even greater changes.

In effect, you're learning as you go along. Even a harvard MBA learns as he or she goes along. I've yet to meet someone who doesn't need to learn anything anymore. That's not the same as being unwilling to learn , for we all reach those points in life where for a myriad of reasons, we can't or won't want to absorb anything else anymore.

Otherwise, we learn and we grow, and the best part is that we can master what we know. You don't always need a certification to prove this, and it won't necessarily put you on to the fortune 500 list. But it will improve your understanding of something in your life, and permeate into the rest of your life, per se. Your environment and the way you see it and react to it, will be the proof of this. Think about it.

Learning and being open to learn, helps you master things quickly. Even when you think you've done it all and seen it all, being open to learning about alternatives or even something completely different, can lead you to greatness. It can  also save you from feeling stuck in a well-worn thought train or thinking loop, in order to find solutions.

Now just in case you do know it all, I better get a metaphorical pad of paper and a pen. Cause I'm all for learning more than I already know. You'll be surprised as to when a seemingly random piece of information can come in handy, wether in or out of it's original context.

I'm all for it.

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