Wednesday 22 April 2015

Doing Nothing.. Is that actually a choice?

When I've been feeling stuck in a situation, somewhere in life, I tend to get frustrated. This level of frustration can then tend to generate a sensation of ennui. You feel foggy, a bit worn down and just needlessly boxed in. However, it doesn't last.

I don't like to mither and wallow in the aforementioned state for too long. For me, it's usually a sign that something needs to change. Now not having being born with the sort of powers that are bequeathed to superheroes ( or heroines)  in order to change the universe ( would anyone want that sort of power..I mean, really?), which would involve a lot of cosmic responsibility and time-and-space type decision making at the drop of a hat, all I can change in the first instance, is..myself.

In the midst of something, towards the end of a journey, and even at the start of a new venture or enterprise, you have to posses a willingness to embrace change. It doesn't mean you have to lose your entire being or sense of 'you' in the process; that may happen anyway, over a long period of time. But it beats doing nothing.

With this in mind, what's doing nothing mean for you? Is it remaining in status quo, hoping someone else will do something about the situation? Is it ignoring the signs that you need to do something to change the situation? Or that maybe there might be something YOU can do, to change the situation for the benefit of others and YOURSELF, but you can't and/or won't do anything about it?

Ask yourself the following. When something is stuck, or going wrong in a situation, are you willing to point it out? Are you willing to help alleviate it? Are you willing to point the way out or at the very least just say 'hey..maybe we can do this another way?' If that's you, then you're the kind of person who cares. You'll be fine. Because you'll know ahead of the others, that the road is going to curve hard and that it's time to switch lanes or at the very least, start to press the brakes NOW.

It doesn't matter if you can't or won't be able to convince everyone. That's not always the point. The point is, that if you can make a difference starting with YOURSELF first, then you've leapt more hurdles than many others.

Do something else today. Learn something different. Try another way of doing the same or similar things you do regularly. If you already do this, then I (half) apologise for reminding you.  If you don't, then do it now.

For wether you do anything or not, change happens anyway.

Think about it.

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