Sunday 1 February 2015

Social media blunder diffusion, 7 social media moves that are good & Needing adversity to succeed

Have you ever made a faux pax on social media? Maybe that comment on facebook turned into a tirade. Perhaps that tweet turned into a typhoon of negative responses and kickbacks. Fear not, for you're not the only one :-

How to Defuse an Ugly Social Media Situation (Infographic)

I've first hand seen a lot of stuff 'go down' on twitter, and you sit there and think as to how on earth it can get so out of control. Hopefully, with the aforementioned slab of advice, YOU can avoid such pitfalls and traps. And so can I.

Social media isn't all aztec challenges, hidden depths and swamps, waiting to catch you out. But as I've always maintained myself since 2007, when I started to become more active on there beyond the odd myspace post, if you wouldn't say or do it in real life, then think VERY carefully as to why you're doing it on the web. That's the basics and that in itself is pure common sense.

There's more of that, over here :-

7 Simple Social-Media Moves That Work

All of these are about reaching outwards, rather than focusing on the self. More importantly, that's how social media works most effectively. Everyone can sit there blathering on about how they feel and look etc, but ultimately what you're sharing has to connect with an audience. That requires an authenticity in your writing and knowing how to let that come through, without feeling like you're bleeding it out or even ranting. As with all other things, practice makes perfect.

When you get what you want in life quite easily, it can sometimes bring on a feeling of 'is that it?' or even a little false sense of security, which can bring on a touch of boredom and even hubris. When we have to work hard at something, then there's a very different feeling attached to the reward structure :-

Malcolm Gladwell on Why You Need Adversity to Succeed

Having an obstacle to overcome  or a hill to climb towards your destination, metaphorically speaking, gives you much better sense of reward, which is tied in to our need to achieve something in order to feel rewarded. It creates an interesting dichotomy when you look at those born into priviledged circumstances, who may then struggle to find something else to direct their energy and drive towards. It's not always the case, but children born to the wealthy can have a harder time than those born into leaner circumstances. Boredom and ennui can creep in, so it brings us back to the issue of having a sense of purpose and direction, which doesn't necessarily mean making more money, but brings us towards the concept of work and usefulness.

Our communicative skill, coupled with our need to achieve and create some tangible value somewhere, is something that is wrapped up in our psyches. It may stem from our infancy, or it may well be hardwired into our genetic pool. In any event, the practice of setting goals and meeting them, will in itself bring us closer to reaching and even exceeding our percieved levels of achievement.

And then you can use all the available social media tools at your disposal, to spread the word. Being inspired and being inspirational, go hand in hand, too.

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