Thursday 22 January 2015

Stuck On An Idea? Leave The Room

This is a short post. It's probably the shortest I've ever done. 

It's like a quick fix to something we all do or end up in. 

Essentially, what is the best, real-world workable method to help becoming unstuck when working on something, or trying to figure something out in a situation you just cannot get any further on? 

The answer? Try leaving the room you’re in for at least 5 minutes

Go and have a cup of coffee or tea. Or even a glass of water. 

If needed and available, have a snack. If possible, go for a walk. 

The key here is to temporarily distract yourself from the problem or issue at hand.  

In effect, you change your entire physiological state at the moment you decide to leave the room or location you were in. And that in itself is the trigger to change your psychological state, which helps in reframing your thought processes.   

And now that you've recalibrated your synapses, and done a temporary 'system reset', you can come back with a fresher mindset. 

Right, I'm off. I'll be back after a cup of earl grey. 

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