Sunday 7 December 2014

Doing It Again / Keeping On ; The Edge Of Possibility, Bouncing Back From Failiure & 1000 poses in 360 degrees

Here's a confession and a half. I failed A Level Chemistry. Well, I didn't get a U (for ungraded), but I'm pretty certain that I got an E..or was it an F?

That's the thing about the past. Your memory of it tends to be quite skewed. 

The irony is, I can remember I'd started dating someone during my A level exams and I can even remember a jacket she used to wear when we'd meet. I can also remember my own style, with my hair coming down past my shoulders..and so on. Strange how the human mind works isn't it? All in all, I passed all my other exams, and it was a great summer.

Getting it wrong can prove costly, but without getting it wrong, we don't necessarily learn as much in life. To prove my point, I've improved at things where I've got it wrong, and had the courage to do it again ( dating, writing, music, cooking, exams etc).

And ironically I've had to learn more later, in the instances where I got it right the first time. My driving test was something I got right the first time, and then had to learn much more than I thought, as I started to drive on the roads. I'd say it took me another six or so months to become more confident as a driver after that.

Failing is therefore an essential part of our development :-

Facing The Edge Of Possibility

It takes a tremendous amount of self-belief, knowledge, hard work and courage to go off and start up your own venture. Wether it's starting life afresh or a initiating a new business, in a world where it seems fear and anxiety can be an overriding emotion (witness some of  the news channels for a dose of this any time of the day), having intiative and moving onwards and upwards can come with a number of strugglles to work through.

But as more people are rising to the challenge, we're seeing a greater number of entrepreneurs and self-starters than ever before.That in itself, no matter what the eventual outcome, is always a good thing.

Older and wiser, Richard Branson also has a few words to say about failiure. Especially about moving on from it. :-

Richard Branson on Bouncing Back From Failure

Branson is the archetypal self-starter. He's gone from being 16 and setting up his own magazine, to setting up a highly lucrative and successive business empire, which was founded on the backbone of virgin records. A man who has made the most of his luck and opportunities, he has also recently offered Led Zeppelin a very large sum of money to reform.

All in all, he's remarkably resilient and not averse to taking risks, which is something that I've always felt is key to succeeding in life. Sometimes you just have to take a bigger leap of faith than you normally would, in order to get further ahead. That is something that depends on your own internal make-up, drives and aspirations.

Luck, karma and/or blessings does play a part in this, but it could be argued that you attract these things as you move towards your goal. I've found that when I'm moving in the right direction in terms of a project or goal, wether it's personal or professional ( are both are intertwined? discuss), then everything just seems easier to do and flows more smoothly and dymanically.

Speaking of speed, these days most of us tend to either quickly smile or just keep as motionless as possible, if we're photographed ad hoc by a smartphone camera or similar. You point, click, have a look-see, send it to the incumbents if necessary ( i.e. if they've asked for a copy), and you're off.

Of course, the whole 'selfie' concept has now been taken to mindblowing extremes with all sorts of memes and 'duck face' lampoons and imitative comedy going viral on the internet. But what if you were asked to pose in as many different ways as possible, over a much longer and continuous period of time? :- 

Supermodel Coco Rocha Strikes 1,000 Poses In 360 Degrees In This Encyclopedia Of Posing

Rocha has already done a variation on this in a video where she posed 50 times in 30 seconds . Not an easy feat , and I'd probably start corpsing ( laughing), after about the third or fourth pose. So the challenge of keeping a straight face and performing to demonstrate 1000 different masquerades of expressivity, isn't for the unitiated.

Come to think of it, I probably pull about four different expressions as I'm getting dressed. Maybe I could get to about 20 if I include chosing the footwear and socks. Then of course, there's all the unintentional posturing one goes through when eating, not to mention time spent with friends, family, dating and..

time out.

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