Thursday 25 September 2014

You Got Stuck in a moment you CAN get out of..and it's up 2U

Creative blocks are nothing new. Not for me, and not for anyone else I know, who is involved in any industry where you're required to pluck ideas 'out of the air' and give them tangibility and/or cohesion. I love the latter part, but as already mentioned, I try to inject some variety into my regular routines for inspiration elsewhere.

The link below offers 20 different methodologies to get the motor re-engaged, or shift gears into a higher state where you can 'catch the rythym', as I like to call it :-

20 ways to overcome creative block

And speaking of variety, multi-tasking has always been some sort of paradigm to assess or seperate 'the men from the boys' for want of a better phrase. My position on it, is that if you're reading this and swiping or zooming in and out, you may well have a few more tabs open in your browser and will eventually switch to them, too and that's multi-tasking...isn't it?

Joking aside ( only half joking ), the following link runs a point of view regarding doing more than one thing at once, but from a much larger perspective. It concerns your working life :-

Doing Two Things? That’s One Too Many. 

Spreading yourself too thinly is a risk we all take and I covered this in an article here , which is all about change, and the need for it. But there inevitably comes a point where efficiency in many areas starts to be stymied by an easily distractive nature.

Consequently, you end up going from finishing three things within an hour of each other, to leaving a mess of unfinished scenarios and 'i'll do it all later, whilst i just scribble this idea down', which is something I've done myself on occasion. Perhaps more so than I used to, which may well be since the introduction of hand held tech such as smartphones and the inevitable hyper march of social media, which is something the next link illustrates all too well :-

5 Crazy ways social media is changing your brain right now

The aforementioned video just solidifies the point home with panache, and style. Again, it highlights many behaviours I've since succumbed to and reduced, along with my own smartphone useage, because I found all this activity  was starting to mentally tire me out to a degree, and all without actually having done any serious productivity in the same duration.

It's an odd one, as I even end up using my phone to do bits of research or 'follow up work' on ideas and concepts due to the wireless, easy access to the internet these days, more or less anywhere, but I couldn't write anything beyond a basic 'two liner' email in rsvp, just using my phone.

Each of us is different, but a friend of mine has often put the following conundrum to me, during ad-hoc weekend brunches. To wit, how would you cope, if you couldn't use any social media for a week? She works in the medical profession and has no social media engagement whatsoever.

The irony is, that I've gone from laughing at her semi-luddite attitude towards what I still see as a natural progressive arc, albeit with a number of potentially heavy duty long term sociological flaws, to actually envying her flippant attitude towards social media engagement. She even owns a smartphone , and yet has no desire to '..get into twitter, facebook and all that jazz!', to use her parlance.

And on that note, I'm off to get on the train to visit Stone Island's flagship store, for an event tonight, featuring the new a/w '14 camouflage range of clothing. By the time this goes out, i'll have come back, and be ready to hit the sack.

Maybe i'll uploadsome pictures of the night, to the cloud server, whilst on the train home. That all depends on how much beer  I've consumed during the event and
then the coffee needed to stay awake until i get to my front door.

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