Sunday 24 August 2014

Wrong, right.. alright? ; shake that phone, it's not a phone & don't do it.

'it's so bad it's good!'

When was the last time you heard that one?

I used to be heavily into things that fell into that camp when I was in my 20's. Mostly films (bollywood and hollywood) and obscure (and well known) 1970's tv show box sets grabbed on the cheap from car boot sales and the internet . It's almost like setting yourself up for disappointment, but with a twist; you're never trully disappointed because you already have an inkling in advance as to how crap the whole thing really is.

Hindisight mixed in with the ravages of time and socio-cultural and technological developments eventually do this to everything. Think about your first web based experience using a mobile phone. Come to think of it, think about your first ever smartphone and the apps you got with it. Did you whince? Did you laugh? I bet it was a mixture of both.

And yet the technology has moved so rapidly that in just seven years we've gone from using one app at a time, to multiple apps running to allow you to use all the social media and other tech by just switching back and forth. On my phone, there's even multiple apps running concurrently so you can watch a youtube video and surf the net at the same time. Magic, is the word.

This leads me onto this link, which brings us back to the start of the article :-

This is the worst app in the world

Now that's a bold claim. Especially when I think of some of the games based apps I've downloaded over the years that have had shockingly bad playability and controls. In any event, with this app/game you just have to shake the phone and..that's it. Well, there's more, but have a read of the link. Unreal is the word.

Speaking of which :-

The noPhone, Because Smartphone Separation Anxiety Is Real

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this and also clicked on the link in the article to check the website out. If anyone out there is really so in need of what can amount to be a comforting device akin to a baby's dummy or soother, then you have my sympathies. This has to be a well executed parody, for sure.

And finally, a more serious tone is adopted in this piece about..well, why not have a look-see :-

Don't do what you love.

All I will say, is don't take the title at complete face value  .The author Rachel Nabors, is an award winning cartoonist turned web developer. I could say more, but I think there's a lot of fun and learning to be had in reading it through, so check it out.
Speaking of which, I'm off out to catch up with friends..

..And I've just had a text message from one of them, saying that two of them were wrong in saying what  they thought was right, about the arguement that was going on the other night, in which..

Somehow, I know it's all going to be alright.

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