Wednesday 12 June 2013

The short-ish, preamble section from yours trully. 

I've set this up to place to post up all topics and areas of interest that i find stimulating and interesting. And fun. And there's stuff that's sometimes a bit off the wall and quirky too, but the idea is always to share an entertaining and informative chunk of rhetoric. It also includes articles I've written and had printed on and offline. More importantly, I SHOULD put them up are, as some of the sites and publications are undergoing redevelopment and synergistic mergers, and so on and aren't always online. If anyone wants to reprint or syndicate them, please contact me first.

All in all, this is an invitation to "come on in, pull up a chair, grab a drink or whatever, and stick around for a while", metaphorically speaking. 

Thank you for your time and energy,

S R Dhain

P.S. racism and /or homophobia will not be tolerated here. You've been told.

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