Sunday, 10 April 2016

Reducing The Noise: Stop, Read and Think or Ignore.

How do you use social media?

Are you a proactive user or do you read & respond? Or maybe you just read, ameliorate and go back to whatever it is you're doing at the time?

Consider this. In the physical world, when we're having a conversation, do we talk over each other constantly or do we wait for our turn to speak?

More importantly, do we listen to what the other person is saying before we respond?

It sounds obvious, but on social media we don't necessarily do the same.

I've noticed this on the posts I've put up, and also with others. If the numbers were and are to be believed, then in some cases this should be adding up to a lot of serious influence and potentially a level of clout and power which could have great growth and marketability.

But it doesn't quite work that way. 

In effect, when we stop listening to the other person, we cease to understand the message being conveyed & we just talk to fill the gap. Together with a smidgeon of common sense, It's the inner 'count of two' ( a brief moment of reflection ) that does the work.  That's when you can decide to try to understand or ignore the information conveyed.

With regards to social media, how many times do you click on a link, and then move away from it within seconds, or don't click on a link and give it a like anyway?

If you don't do any of the aforementioned, then I thank you profusely, because you're contributing to  reducing the level of noise and confusion on the swathes of social media outlets and portals out there. It's more honest, and although it would potentially mean a leaner timeline, it would lead to more value for all.

So why are we all posting more frequently?

Maybe we're so scared of missing out, that any level of witholding information is deemed a sign of weakness, in case 'the other person' gets there first.

But it's only those with intention, direction and motivation , coupled with a clear statement of purpose, that go beyond the random peaks and troughs of metrics. They have a voice, and it is clearly their own. In short, they are uniquely identifyable.

And unless I'm completely mistaken, they don't post constantly. At least not 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The rest of it involves a combination of luck, zeitgeist, karma, brilliance and the alchemy of tapping into all of the aforementioned without fear of failiure or success.

Either that, or it's the perpetual bombardment of all outlets, all the time. No.. that doesn't sound right to me.

I'll set this to post on twitter. Maybe once a day. Hopefully it'll add value to someone's feed.

If it doesn't, I hope they don't ignore it and yet retweet it regardlessly.

It's ironic, as I was going to call this post 'listen without prejudice', but then thought that doesn't have enough to do with the content within. And the last thing I'd want to do, is add to the noise.

It's time for a mug of earl grey. The biscuits and chocolates are optional

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