Monday, 11 January 2016

He was ahead of us all the way.

I've been listening to his music for the last SIX HOURS in my home office, whilst working. Ive read countless eulogies on the internet and it still doesn't sink in.

Before I go on, I don't want this to be a mawkish 'fan post..

It doesn't matter. I just cannot believe that he's gone.

'David Bowie passed away this morning, after a prolonged battle with cancer'

When I read the above at 8:30 this morning, I literally stopped in my tracks.

And I'm still sort of there. In that 'what-if?' state.

He was a real ONE OFF. He took risks and even by his own admission later, they didn't always pay off.

But he had the GUTS and the SMARTS to take them. That's rare these days, as everything has become more focused on results and increasing metrics to illustrate AND then further facilitate even greater results and rewards.

I'll get his last album eventually, when I've finished listening to a selection from all of his previous works. That will take many days of fond , wistful listening. I'll probably entertain some crazy notion that he had one more trick up his sleeve.

But he's left his body and gone to the great gig in the sky.

May his soul, rest in peace.

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