Monday, 11 August 2014

One, Two & Three; be yourself, cause everyone else is taken.

An early morning start to the day, means that like most people, I tend to lean sideways to switch the phone alarm off. After 10 or so minutes of quietus outside ( it's a heaven sent tableau for the soul), I'm back in and upstairs to do a very quiet yoga for 90 minutes. It's after that, that my day begins.

I try to operate by the "first thought" principle, when it comes to ideas and inspiration, which is that whatever lingers around within you immediately after reading, watching, looking or even eating or smelling  something, tends to be the idea ( or ideas) that moved you at a core or soul level. So the following three articles (one is actually a video and a very enjoyable one at that) are those that resonated with me the strongest during the day. They are :-

1) Entrepreneur Looks Beyond Africa's Problems To Focus On Solutions

Vital Sounouvou is a young whippersnapper who just went ahead and "did it". More precisely, he managed to look past the problems his country was facing on many levels, most of which it could be argued are interlinked, and actually saw the opportunity for a turnaround due to yet another problem that no one was bothering to ( at least overtly) solve.

In short,  farmers were being left out of a much larger trade loop because most of the people who owned cellphones in Africa don't own the advanced internet friendly style handsets or smartphones that we are used to in the developed world, so how would they then connect to the global ecosystem as easily, or even at all?
He solved this by having built the only app which can be used on smart and non-smart phones, to help farmers trade their goods more effectively outside of their own small towns, such as Benin, which is where he was from. He's now effectively helped others to help themselves, and will be helping himself in the bargain, too. A win-win scenario.

Fred Seibert: Never Compete in the Scrum

Fred Siebert's achievements go back a long way. From the MTV logo, to nickelodeon, to cartoon network and beyond, he can be described as a "creative genius". But he doesn't see himself that way. He sees himself as a "problem solver", who lets other people get on with the nuts and bolts of the work.

Great leaders always let others take some of the credit, for high morale is essential when leading ( even if by semi-proxy...more on that at a later date) people to deliver the goods. Not competing in the scrum ( read the article if you don't understand what that means), is wise if you're going to be different, in order to make a difference. Or rather, you'll dare to be different which means you may get burned in the process a little more than the rest, in order to reach your destination, which you may not even be aware of for sure yet.

But you'll be marking your own territory and effectively have drawn your own maps and targets, innovating, leading and challenging all at the same time. That takes courage, and some real class to go ahead with.

Mark Ecko: Embrace the Mess

And finally, Mark Ecko covers my all time favourite topics in one presentation. He champions the cause of the artist, who doesn't think they're an artist, who struggles to deal with the 1% of the 100%, and the 99% becomes more important, but who ultimately wants to be successful, make their own mark, wants to get paid and..

why not just watch the rest of the video and maybe learn a thing or two? Or three.

I'm off to figure out how 24 can still mean less than 20 which can all be summated into zero, as of this moment. It made as much sense to me too, when i first tried to figure out what that  actually meant, but all it requires is a little bit of patience, a good dose of quiet time and before you know it..

..problem solved.

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